enhanced safety & security


Accumulation of harmful UVA rays from the sun has been proven to cause skin cancer and further aid in the progression of skin aging. LLumar window tint protects against 99% of those damaging UV rays, whereas factory tint does NOT.

ultraviolet protection

reduced heat & glare

Lindsay Window Tinting

LLumar window tint insulates your windows, helping to cut down on the use of heat and AC, further reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, LLumar window tint relieves the blinding glare and painful eye strain on those extra sunny days.


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Adding LLumar window tint to your vehicle's glass will make it nearly unbreakable. Protecting you in the occasion of an accident and acting as an effective theft deterrent, it takes near 40,000 lbs of pressure to break LLumar window tint. Check out this video!